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If a colour had to define a city, green would be the emblem of O Pino. Green in many shades, mixed with the wide range of earth colours.. 

The basins of the Tambre River included within the protected areas of the Red Natura 2000, draw interesting corners and result in magnificent natural landscapes, as well as sample along its course of water mills, recreation areas or river beaches.

Sample of some of these natural elements are the recreational areas of Pontedapedra in Medin and the Fluvial Beach of A Tarroeira.

Another of the places of visit in the Council of O Pino are of the "Carballeira da Feira do Vinte" in the parish of Cebreiro, the beautiful recreational area of A Magdalena in Castrofeito, and the waterfall of the Noa River.

Journey to the past leave us different pearls that remember times of far in the municipality of O Pino. They are stories and lives that we recreate from architectural elements that can be visited in this municipality.

This chapter is obligatory reference to known as the Cathedral of the Mountain, the Church of San Julian de Lardeiros, which is notable for its size and beauty. The Church of Gonzar stands majestic in the parish of Gonzar.

It is said that near the main altar of the temple is the tomb of Josefa de la Torre, mysterious woman who according to legend was several decades without eating or drinking for what was started to give name of santa. Literary figures as Emilia Pardo Bazán wrote a story inspired by this enigmatic woman.

In addition to these two, in the Council of O Pino find other eleven beautiful parish churches: San Verísimo de Ferreiros, San Mamed de Ferreiros, San Julián de Cebreiro, San Miguel de Cerceda, Santa Eulalia de Arca, San Vicente de O Pino, San Miguel de Pereira, Santa María de Castrofeito, Santa María de Budiño, San Esteban Medin and San Lorenzo de Pastor.

There are four chapels in the municipality: Santa Irene in Arca, Santiso and A Magdalena in Castrofeito and San Andres in the parish of Gonzar.
Last of the great families that resided in O Pino can be seen in the large rectories and manor houses that are located in the municipality.

Example of this is the Pazo of the Marqués of Montesacro or Pazo de Bermás, which is situated in the place that bears the same name of Bermás and welcomes the greater cedar of Galicia.

The Pazo of Porto Outeiro, in Medin, has a shield of the 18th century, with the military arm of Vilardefrancos, the Wolf of the Moscoso and Tower of Pardiñas. Also highlights the Pazo of Picon, in Arca, with the shield that has similarities with the former and a labyrinthine garden of boxwood plant-based. Close to Arca, in A Rua, there is a shield that bears witness to the existence of the residence of a nobleman. It is located in the building situated right next to the Way of Santiago.


In relation to the ethnographic elements there are many signs of stone crosses that exist in O Pino, with examples from all periods and styles in all places of the Council. One of the most unique is the Lardeiros, which dates back to the year 1700 and combines two artistic currents: the neo-classical and baroque. Also in O Pino, town rich in examples of tradition and art, are numerous granaries, large number of mills and many sources and sinks.

Torque (San Lourenzo - Pastor)

Highlights in this section the “castreño” settlement of San Lorenzo of Pastor, where was located an oval enclosure of 110 metres in length, as well as remains of ceramic without decoration and two torque of 350 grams and 22-carat gold. They can be seen in the Achaeological Museum of the Castle of San Antón, A Coruña. In addition to the other two forts located in Oza (San Mamed de Ferreiros) and Tarroeira (O Pino), the Roman Bridge of Ponte Puñide on the River Mera. At this point found a Modium of bronze that is exposed in the National Archaeological Museum and which by its inscription dates from the years 360/370.

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