There are numerous celebrations, especially related to the religious chapter in O Pino. Notable, for its concurrence, the festivities of A Magdalena, in Castrofeito on July 22 and San Pedro in Arca on June 29.

Both the Magdalena and the festivity of San Pedro are processions popular in both groves, with a great convening power. Its structure is very similar, with solemn mass at noon, picnic, and lively festivals. Both, the Magdalene (22 July) and San Pedro (29 June) are declared local holidays. In the latter case, notably a curious tradition that remains unchanged with the passage of the years. Always organize the party a little and willful commission formed by young people. In fact, except some capture support elderly, is funded with contributions that made, in the parish of Arca, the eldest son and the eldest daughter of each house until they marry.

Chapter apart deserves the Gallo Piñeiro Festival and Muestra Caballar (Horse Exhibition), which was declared as a Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia, after the celebration of its 11th year in 2010. The appointment is the first weekend of August in the parish of Arca. Held the Gallos Vivos Fair, where a jury rewards the best pairs of roosters that are presented. There is a Celtic Fair, various concerts, and a popular meal starring cock meat. Separate different tests, competitions, and equestrian exhibitions are also held.

Other parish festivals are:

Parish of Arca:
10,11 and 2 of December- Santa Eulalia
Sunday of Corpus- Corpus Christy

Parish of Budiño:
15 of August- Santa María
Sunday following Corpus - Corpus Christy

Parish of Castrofeito:
Last Sunday of January- Santiso
15 of August- Santa María

Parish of Cerceda:
Corpus Christy
29 of September- San Miguel

Parish of Cebreiro:
7 of January- San Julián
Third Sunday of August- San Saturnino

Parish of Gonzar:
15 of August- Santa María
First Sunday of September- San Andrés

Parish of Lardeiros:
7 of January- San Julián
Last Sunday of July- Corpuss

Parish of Medín:
26 of December- San Esteban
Sunday following Corpus - Corpus

Parish of Pastor:
10 of August- San Lorenzo

Parish of Pereira:
29 of September- San Miguel
May – Las funciones

Parish of O Pino:
22 of January- San Vicente
3 of February- San Blas
2º Sunday following Corpus- Corpus Christy

Parish of San Verísimo de Ferreiros:
1 of October- San Verísimo

Parish of San Mamed de Ferreiros:
2 of February- Las Candeas
7 of August- San Mamed 
Last Sunday of August- San Ramón

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