Gallo Piñeiro Festival and Muestra Caballar (Horse Exhibition))


Gallo Piñeiro Festival and Muestra Caballar (Horse Exhibition), which is held annually the first weekend in August in place of Pedrouzo - Arca, takes place since 1999 and was created as a celebration of Galician culture and gastronomy event. The purpose of this festival is to value and try to recover the kind of Gallo Piñeiro, with roots in Celtic times. In addition, a horse exhibition, is most successful ever, involving the best mares and Galician and foreign thoroughbred horses.

The annual programme of events, beginning with the opening of the exhibition and sale of live animals of roosters and hens of “raza piñeira”, complemented with a contest, receives which is recognition with an award the best specimens of this breed, once a professional jury to qualify them. The awards are distributed in different categories: best couple rooster of “raza piñeira”, best hen of “raza piñeira” and best cock of poultry.

In the afternoon, helds the Muestra Caballar (horse exhibition), which take place different exhibitions of horses and mares of the country, as well as cross horses and mares. They also involved colts and fillies, horses and mares of pure Spanish-breed of different ages, competing for the award for the best specimen. Every year is given a special award "Faísca" that is the best P.R.E. (Pura Raza Española) born and raised in Galicia. The finishing of this exhibition, takes place with the performance of various carousels and horse shows, exhibitions of dressage high school, among others.

Each year, Gallo Piñeiro Festival and Muestra Caballar, has become the main popular event of the municipality of O Pino, increasingly attractive given its meaning playful, festive, cultural, sports and gastronomic.

Since 2009, held the Celtic Fair, which is one of the attractions of this festival which each year raises more interest among the attendees. In this festival, numerous eighbours involves dressing in time and actively participating in the event.

At the fair are more than forty stalls of artisans, representing professions as diverse as the leather work, arms, blacksmiths, games Celtic, air fresheners, and jewelry made with vegetable gold, among many others.

This festival was created in order to recover the origins of Gallo Piñeiro, and also the Hen Piñeira and to value this product through the exhibition of the best pairs of poultry breed bantams piñeira and hens of Galicia and subsequent free tasting of this product. This species, which until now was in danger of disappearing in the municipality, thanks to the Gallo Piñeiro Festival is expanding its production and marketing in the Council of O Pino.

According to studies carried out by Agalpi (Galician Association for Recovery, Defense and Production of the Hen Piñeira) the species of roosters and hens pineiras was introduced in Galicia, more specifically in the region of Arzúa and with special incidence in the Municipality of O Pino. As its sais, brought its the Celts People for recreational use in cockfights, but then were other civilizations which brought other varieties of roosters and chickens that were appearing over time, but despite the great racial diversity, its genetic potential allowed return social interest which at one time had piñeira hen.

In the Municipality of O Pino, a well-known veterinarian, Jesús García Rodríguez, began investigating on the characteristics of this kind of hen and rooster Piñeiro. It departed the initiative to the Council, seeking the recovery of this breed.

Gallo Piñeiro Festival and Horse Exhibition is a way to recall the origins of this poultry species in this Council, promoting race piñeira among the participants to the festival and encourage their production and marketing.

In order to enhance and liven up the festival, combines the Competition of Roosters Living with a Horse Shows that aims to display the best examples of mares and thoroughbred horses and crusaders of the Municipality of O Pino and its region. This event allows you to know and enjoy a beautiful and particular sport such as horse riding, since different equestrian exhibitions are held: domas, trotting, career... This celebration is not only intended for amateurs and professional of this mode, but also to those more inexperienced can observe and be interested in equine specimens extraordinary participating in this horse shows.

The uniqueness of this festival is mainly in the fight for the recovery of the self, the recovery of the breed of the rooster and hen piñeira, concentrating on this event to the breeders of this species and recognise with awards to the best specimens of rooster and hen breed piñeira raised in O Pino.

Race of roosters and chickens pineiras is little widespread in Galicia. There are other parties within the Galician geography also performing events in which it is exalt the rooster of poultry, does not exist anywhere else in Galicia, which is not the Council of O Pino, where this species "piñeira" will boost.

Other characteristic features of hen piñeira are their beautiful plumage (feathers are especially interesting for the manufacture of fishing bait) and its medium-sized formation, atlantic type. It has a crest in pink, pyramid head, oval red ears, legs and beak of yellow and orange-yellow eyes. The eggs are cream-coloured clear and weigh between 55 and 65 grams. About the weight of own hens, they oscillate between the 2.2 and 2.5 kilos.

The roosters piñeiros present the wild type with golden cloak and ventral area and black capes, weighing between three or three kilos and a half.

This event revolves around a full range of expressions of cultural, gastronomic and sports interest trying to revive customs of the ancients, celtic and folk traditions within the Council.

The focus of this festival can be defined as of great rural trend by the place in which it is celebrated, traditional in relation to the characteristics of the event and tourism with regard to the influx of visitors who come to O Pino, who can enjoy a lot of musical performances, medieval market and shows for all ages.

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