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The Agency of Employment and Local Development of O Pino, is a municipal service of promotion of economic development, job creation and training, which aims at the search for better conditions of life of the inhabitants of this Council through the reduction of unemployment and the creation of jobs stable, through the revitalization of the existing business such as the creation of new companies, taking advantage of the endogenous resources of the territory. It offers its users all kinds of information on grants, training and employment.

The general objectives of this department are as follows:

  • Design of actions that contribute to the development of the territory, on the basis of the study of the development and needs of the labour market.
  • Diffusion of the active policies of employment of the Xunta de Galicia.
  • Information on existing resources to promote local development at the municipal level.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs on the necessary arrangements for the construction and commissioning of a business project.
  • Attendance at the start of business projects for its consolidation in new job-generating businesses.
  • Service companies with the aim of achieving a greater revitalization of the sector: information on grants and subsidies for hiring, etc.
  • Update of database of companies and businesses in the municipality.
  • Promoting the use of new technologies.
  • Promotion of the development of formative activities according to the demands of businesses and the unemployed.

    Services offered by the Agency of Employment and Local Development are aimed at: unemployed, persons in active, companies, associations, and population in general.


    Advice to entrepreneurs
    It consists of informing and advising people with business projects, promoting the creation of companies, indicating the possible grants and subsidies that can benefit.

    Training and job creation projects
    The creation of jobs at the local level is essential in a population in which unemployment, mainly among disadvantaged, youth groups, women and unemployed of long duration, is important. For this reason, the Council, of designed a series of job-creation plans, and will perform the necessary steps to obtain public funding for them. These projects include the following:

    Cooperation Programmes. They are part of the active employment policies of the Xunta de Galicia, in collaboration with local authorities. With these programs is carried out the recruitment of unemployed workers to carry out works or services of general interest social. The recruits acquire professional experience to improve their employability and gain access later to a stable job or self-employed.

    Employment workshops
    . Framed within the active employment policies, they are mixed programs that combine actions aimed at improving the employability of unemployed persons over the age of 25 or more years of age, in order to facilitate their further integration in the labour market training and employment.

    Training courses. Planning of training courses aimed at unemployed, workers active, both self-employed and employed persons, companies and people in general..

    Monitoring of grants and subsidies
    From the Agency of Employment and Local Development, becomes a daily monitoring of official gazettes for the detection of grants and subsidies of various training and job creation projects, capable of financing of such measures.

    From Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30 hours

    981 51 10 02


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